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The Queen, castles, knights and dragons

Saturday, May 28th, 2016

After the holiday we’re going to be marking the Queen turning 90 and learning through our interest in Mike the Knight, Tony Ross’s Little Princess and castles.


At home you can:

  • listen to our story of the week ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ together. There’s a version here 
  • if it’s appropriate for your family, mark the Queen’s birthday on Saturday 11th June by making buns, flags, dressing up or talking about special birthdays
  • play snap or pairs and talk about how the cards are the same whilst working on memory skills
  • talk about who has more, less or the same when sharing out toys or snacks

Look at our new learning activities

Sunday, May 15th, 2016


We’re using the children’s interest in Mr Tumble to help them learn about positional language such as ‘under’ or ‘next to’, sizes, number and quanity and jobs that people do.

You can support learning at home by

  1. playing hiding games and talking about where things are
  2. looking for numbers on houses, shopping aisles, buses etc
  3. drawing scores when you play games like football
  4. talking about the jobs you and other family members do.


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